All About Class Six Toxic and Infectious Substances

Haz Guides Jul 01, 2020

In this guide we'll be covering dangerous goods class six toxic and infectious substances a little more in depth.

What is a Class Six?

Class six dangerous goods - toxic and infectious substances, are goods that pose a health risk in the event of inhalation or the risk of infecting the public in the event of release during transportation, like patient samples or infected animals.

Class Six Divisions

Dangerous goods class six toxic and infectious substances are broken up into two divisions depending on specific danger of the material.

5.1 Toxic Substances - These are relatively simple to understand. These are materials that are or have been known to be toxic to humans, by laboratory animal testing.

These also include materials like tear gas, which cause extreme irritation when in a confined space.

5.2 Infectious Substances - These are materials that contain or are believed to contain infectious material in the content of a pathogenic microorganism. We could go further into depth on what defines a infectious substance, but that is really more of a biology discussion than a shipping one.

Class Six Dangerous Good Label

The label for a class six toxic and infectious substance differs very sightly depending on division. 6.1 is white with a skull and cross bones with 6 in the bottom corner. 6.2 is white with a hazard warning symbol and the number 6 in the bottom corner. They can also denote the specific type of hazard.

Class 6 dangerous goods placard

Nick Seferos

Sea-going maritime professional on ships and tugs turned to shore-side terminal life. Nick manages shore-side personnel and security, customs, and hazardous shipments in a container terminal.

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