All About Class One Explosives

Haz Guides Jun 27, 2020

Throughout the next nine guides, we'll be diving a little deeper into each of the hazardous materials classes to get a good feel for what they are and what is required for transporting that specific class.

What is a Class One?

If a chemical reaction can make it explode or catch on fire, then it's a class one. We deal with extremely small quantities of class one materials in out every day life, air bag infiltrators, fuses, and fireworks on holidays an occasions. While these items are fun on holidays or even life saving devices, they can be extremely dangerous when transported in larger quantities.

Class One Divisions

Dangerous goods class one explosives are broken up into six divisions depending on specific danger of the material.

1.1 These are materials which have a mass explosion hazard like dynamite or nitroglycerine.

1.2 These are substances with a severe projection but not a mass explosion hazard like fuses, large fireworks, or rocket motors.

1.3 These are materials that have a fire hazard and either a blast hazard or minor projection hazard or both like display fireworks, smokeless powder.

1.4 These are items with only a small hazard in the event of ignition or initiation during transport like consumer fireworks, model rocket motors, or blasting caps.

1.5 These are very intense materials that have a mass explosion hazard like blasting agents.

1.6 These are extremely intensive articles but do not have a mass explosion hazard.

Dangerous Good Label

The label for a class one is an orange diamond and (for division 1.1, 1.2, & 1.3) is an exploding bomb with a figure 1 in the bottom corner.

Dangerous good class one placards

Nick Seferos

Sea-going maritime professional on ships and tugs turned to shore-side terminal life. Nick manages shore-side personnel and security, customs, and hazardous shipments in a container terminal.

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