All About Class Five Oxidizing Substances

Haz Guides Jul 01, 2020

In this guide we'll be covering dangerous goods class three flammable solids a little more in depth.

What is a Class Five?

Class five dangerous goods - oxidizing substances, are goods that yield oxygen in reactions, which causes or enhances combustion.

Class Five Divisions

Dangerous goods class five oxidizing agents and organic peroxides are broken up into two divisions depending on specific danger of the material.

5.1 Oxidizing Substance or Oxidizer - These are materials that can cause or enhance the combustion of other materials by yielding oxygen. These materials are classified as a 5.1 if the material is solid and has a mean burning time of less than a 3:7 potassium bromate/cellulose mixture. Or, a liquid material that spontaneously ignited or it's mean time for a pressure rise from 690kPa to 2070kPa is less than the time of a 1:1 nitric acid/cellulose mixture.

5.2 Organic Peroxides - These are any organic substances that contain oxygen and which may be considered a derivative of hydrogen peroxide.

Class Five Dangerous Good Label

The label for a class five oxidizing agents and organic peroxides differs sightly depending on division. 5.1 is yellow with a flame and 5.1 denoted, where 5.2 is red on top and yellow on bottom with a flame and 5.2 depicted on the bottom.

Class 5 Placards

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