What We Believe & Who We Are

BoxWhere's goal is helping get your cargo where it needs to go by reducing hurdles, providing insight into the maritime and international trade community.

Why We Started

BoxWhere, in its original form, was the child of a conversation that revolved around the maritime industry being stuck in a technological and information void. The industry adopted computerization in the '80s and '90s and then said "Hey, that's good enough" and rarely made updates. Not to mention, nobody really liked to share much information about either the industry or what they did at work. Secrets don't make strong industries.

The original idea was to aid in the communication process of getting cargo where is needed to go, hence BoxWhere - Getting your box to where it needs to go. While it's changed direction a few times, the goal is the same. Getting your cargo where it needs to go by reducing and eliminating hurdles and providing an insight into the maritime and international trade community.

Our Solution

To aid in the free communication of data in the maritime and trade industry we are creating the following products:

  • BoxWhere.com (This!) is a blogging platform designed to provide guides, resources, training, and more about the maritime industry.
  • Maritime Definitions is a dictionary that we are building to help demystify the industry terms and lingo.
  • BoxWhere Trade is a platform that is currently being built out where you can easily create Haz Mat forms, customs forms, track shipments, and more from one simple easy to use dashboard.

Who We Are

We are maritime and international marine trade professionals from all walks of life.

You can check out our bios (Nick) (Brian) and read what we have to say.

Our Privacy and Ads Manifesto

We love the free internet. Unfortunately, most companies offering “free” really just mean they want your personal information so they can try and sell you more and more and more. Companies now focus on providing free resources < privacy. They’re either making money from an investor, hoping you’ll buy their premium product eventually, or they’re making all money from Ad revenue. We want to be upfront and clear about our intentions and our beliefs surrounding advertising and privacy.

Privacy is an absolute must

The amount of data large companies have on their customers from providing “free” services is truly astonishing. There is no such thing as a free lunch with them. We believe that your information is yours to keep, not ours to sell. Many business intelligence (BI) applications - analytics, performance/error tracking, email sending services, so on - are free to content creators and small companies because there is an astronomical amount of data that is transferred to the owner of the BI service.

We need BI apps to remain successful, so we can see what is relevant to our readers and what is relevant to gain the best search engine rankings - we don’t need to do it at the expense of your privacy. We are 100% committed to using platforms, as we can find them, that are built and focus on end-user (that’s you!) privacy. For analytics we use plausible.io.

Advertising, AdBlock, & How we make money

We hate ads. Not only are they ugly and distracting, but they’re also invasive. We love AdBlock extensions for browsers, personal favorite adblockplus.org.Unfortunately AdBlock software prevents us from recouping our costs as a publisher (hosting, analytics, emails, etc). We place ads on our site to help in recovering the cost of doing business, we ask that you disable your Adblock on our site to access the content. We use privacy-focused ads on our page from contextcue. If you don’t want to see ads (we totally get it) and don’t want to disable your ad-block on our page, we do have an option to look at everything for free without ads. By registering for a free account, there are no ads. Yes, there is a trade, we get your email address and you get our content ad-free.

If you’re wondering how we make money, that’s a good question. Our primary goal is to grow the exposure of the maritime and international trade industry and provide solutions to simplify trade regulations and documentation. We do offer premium content for a small monthly fee to help recover the cost of running our platform, and the cost of building out a trade documentation platform.

Our revenue comes from the following:

  • Limited ad revenue
  • Limited email marketing for blog platform and trade documentation platform
  • Premium content memberships
  • Presale of trade documentation platform


We believe email privacy is of utmost importance and spam sucks. We are committed to utilizing email partners who respect your privacy as we do. We are also committed to sending emails that are relevant to you and aren't of the spammy quality or frequency. We also believe that your email privacy is upmost importance, we recommend using a platform like Hey, who doesn't sell your information.

If you ever have a question, concern, or suggestion regarding privacy, we're all ears.

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